No. 11464. Saab 340B (D-CDAU c/n 340B-168) Dau Air
Photographed at Tempelhof Airpoirt, Berlin, Germany, October 11, 2005, by Detlef Billig

Saab 340B

07/31/2012. First flown in Sweden with the test registration SE-F68 on October 16, 1989, the aircraft was delivered on November 27, 1989 and was subsequently operated by the following companies:

Alsavia, France, F-GKLA
Crossair, Switserland, HB-AKP
Moldavian Airlines, Moldavia, ER-ASA, later ER-SGA
Nordic Airlink, Norway, HB-AKP
Carpatair, Rumania, YR-VGS
Dau Air, Germany, D-CDAU
Avitrans Nordic, Sweden, SE-LJR
Nextjet, Sweden, SE-LJR
Sol Lineas Aereas of Argentina, LV-CSK (and still is as of this day)

Created July 31, 2012