No. 12002. Mil Mi-8S "Hip-C" (ES-PMA c/n 10532) Estonian Border Guard
Photographed in Estonia, July 19, 2009, by Detlef Billig

Mil Mi-8S

07/15/2013. As with the Mi-1 to Mi-6 helicopters, there were also Mi-8 passenger models. These included a 28-seat versions, with seven two-seat chairs per side, designated Mi-8P, or the luxury version, with nine or eleven seats, referred to as Mi-8S (Salon).

The main cabin of Mi-8S was a representative office and conference area. On the left were two benches, each with four seats, on the right two swiveling chairs with a table, and a desk for an adjutant. In addition there was the Mi-8S version with two four-seat benches on each side. A toilet was fitted on the left in the tail and on the right a luggage compartment with wardrobe. A kitchen and the crew wardrobe were installed between the cockpit and the salon, near the sliding door on the left side.

To streamline the entire Mi-8 production and to simplify the assembly, the Mil company produced the whole fuselage of individual segments (cockpit, cabin, engine and gearbox compartment, tail boom). In case of damage, the segments could be replaced relatively easily and quickly. Equipment, fuselage structure, powerplant and rotor systems were similar to those of the Mi-8T.

As shown in these photos 1 2 of an East German AF example, externally the Mi-8S could be identified by the large rectangular windows and the passenger boarding stair in the tail, but also by the larger side fuel tanks. Through a hatch in the roof of the cabin the maintenance crew had easy access to the engine and gearbox panels that could be folded down as a working platform.

The pictured aircraft was delivered to the East German AF in 1969, serialed 976. After the unification of East and West Germany in 1990, the aircraft was transferred to the German AF and reserialed 93+42. In 1995 it was transferred to the Eesti Piirivalve Lennusalk (Estonian Border Guard) and registered as ES-PMA. Presently it is preserved at the Eesti Lennundsmuuseumi (Estonian Aviation Museum) at Lange.

Created July 31, 2013