No. 8817. Zlín Z 226 T Trenér 6 (D-EBWY c/n 870) FLiEGERREVUE Airshow Team
Photographed over Stölln-Rhinow, Germany, 2001, by Detelf Billig

Zlín Z 226 T Trenér 6

04/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Produced by Moravan as a Z 126 and registered OK-JEB, this aircraft was later rebuilt as the third Z 226 and sole Z 226 T prototype. The fuselage was lightened, part of the electrical system was deleted, the flaps were mechanically operated, an extra 11 gal (42 l) fuel tank was installed, and the original 105 hp Walter Minor 4-III was replaced by an 165 hp Walter Minor 6-III.

Reregistered OK-JED the Z 226 T was first flown by Moravan test pilot Leopoldem Brabcem on April 12, 1956, and its gained its Type Certificate 55470-1957 on October 25, 1957. Between March 1957 and December 1961 a total of 283 of the Z 226 T were produced.

On April 29, 1958 OK-JED was sold to Belgium where it was registered as OO-AJT to Van der Noot d'Assche of Brussels. On October 31, 1961 it was sold to France, being registered as F-BKRX to L. Biancotto, and subsequently it was registered in Tunisia as TS-BCD.

On April 21, 1967 it came to Germany, being registered as D-EBWY to six successive owners, before it was acquired by Dr. Ingo Janicke who is flying it for the FLiEGERREVUE Airshow Team."

Created April 30, 2009