No. 8819. Zlín Z 42 MU (D-EWMA c/n 0012, D-EWMC c/n 0014, D-EWNL c/n 0049) FLiEGERREVUE Airshow Team "Black Birds"
                 Zlín Z 43 (D-EWFG c/n 02) FLiEGERREVUE Airshow Team "Black Birds"
Photographed in 2002, by Detlef Billig

Zlín Z 42 & Z 43

04/30/2009. The Black Birds have been the FLiEGERREVUE Airshow Team between 2002 and 2004, and was formed by three two-seat Z 42 MUs and a single four-seat Z 43.

Previously, all aircraft have been the on the registry of the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republic, German Democratic Republic), respectively as DDR-WMA, DDR-WMC, DDR-WNL, and DDR-WFG. D-EWFG was the leading aircraft, seen here during an engine test run. Note the flame markings around the engine.

A fourth Z 42 MU, D-EWNT, has also been fitted with a similar coulour scheme and is still wearing it, while the Black Birds team is still performing under its own name.

Created April 30, 2009