No. 10885. Monnett Moni
Photographed at the Kentucky Aviation Museum, Lexington, Kentucky, USA, June 10, 2011, by Ted Black

Monnett Moni

10/31/2011. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Although it followed the same lines as the Monex, the Moni by John Monnett was a much lighter and smaller aircraft, intended as an inexpensive sport aircraft that could be used as motor glider.

The prototype had a 22 hp KFM107-2 engine and it first flew on July 24, 1981. Standard it was fitted with a central main wheel under the fuselage and a tail wheel, for easy transport and hangarage it featured detachable wings. The Moni was marketed by the Monnett Experimental Aircraft, Inc. From 1985 the Moni was also available with spoilers instead of ailerons, a modified cowling and a KFM107 Super engine and also with optional long-range tanks.

Introduced in 1983 the Moni T featured a tricycle undercarriage, this model was soon more popular than the initial Moni and was later also available with one small KFM 4-stroke engine and from 1985 with the spoilers, improved cowling and the optional long-range fuel tank. At the same time the Moni and Moni T became suitable with (optional) wingtip extensions.

Introduced in 1981-1982 the Mini-Moni was fitted with short span wings, featured a conventional tail wheel undercarriage, and offered an improved performance. However, testing of the Mini-Moni was terminated in 1984. The No-Bull-Special was a much modified aircraft built by Ron Martelet in the USA, with increased wingspan, a relocated central main wheel, one KFM engine and a modified instrument panel. It was flown in September 1993.

In 1985 the marketing rights for the Moni series went to INAV Ltd. (Innovative Aircraft Ltd.) in the UK and then in 1988 to Hapi Engines, Inc. The prototype Moni was in 1991 donated to the EAA Museum. The ElectraFlyer-C, a modified Moni with an 18 hp electromotor, was flown by the Electric Aircraft Corporation in 2008."

Created October 31, 2011