No. 11171. Taylor J-2 Cub (N16769 c/n 771)
Photographed at College Park Aviation Museum, College Park, Maryland, USA, March 3, 2011, by Ted Black

Taylor J-2 Cub

01/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The first Cubs (models E-2 to H-2) were rather angular, austere-looking aircraft, hence it was not surprising that instructions were issued in 1935 to improve the design. The wing-tips, fin and rudder were rounded off; the landing gear tread was widened. This model appeared in October 1935 as c/n 500 registration X15951 and the name Cub was retained.

This new version followed logically from the previous model, the H-2, so became the J-2, which was quite a coincidence as the name of the design engineer who was responsible for the redesign was Walter Jamouneau. The engine used was the 37 hp Continental A40-3 and, following the issue of the Approved Type Certificate on February 14, 1936, production commenced with c/n 501 registration NC15956. The standard color scheme for the J-2 was silver. In September 1936 the engine fitted was changed to the 40 hp Continental A40-4, starting from approximately c/n 819.

There was only one other version of the J-2 model, the J-2-S with EDO floats, the prototype was c/n 700 registration X16395, built in June 1936.

In 1935 C.G. Taylor decided to leave the company, and after quitting, he formed the Taylor-Young Airplane Company (later renamed Taylorcraft). W.T. Piper bought C.G. Taylor's share of the company. In 1936 and early 1937 some aircraft were shipped to Aircraft Associates at Long Beach, California for completion. These were known as the Western Cub and were approved on a separate Approved Type Certificate.

Disaster struck during March 1937 when the Bradford factory was destroyed by fire. As it could be seen that the Bradford facility would not be large enough, alternative premises were sought with which to restart production. However, a small number of Cubs were built at Bradford following the fire.

Thus Taylor Aircraft moved to Lock Haven, also in Pennsylvania, taking over the property formally occupied by the Susquehanna Silk Mills. Production of the J-2 restarted here in May 1937 and terminated one year later. In November 1937 the company was renamed the Piper Aircraft Corporation. The first aircraft to carry the Piper plate has been reported as c/n 1937 registration NC20137. The final J-2, c/n 1975 registration NC20 175, was completed in 1938.

One aircraft was shipped to Brazil and registered as a Model H-2, this was c/n 792 registration PP-TCX. The reason for this being that it was fitted with a Szekely SR-3 engine in place of the Continental, therefore they could not register it as a J-2. Several aircraft have been fitted with a 65 hp Continental A65-8 engine.

The pictured aircraft is displayed in the museum on loan from Thomas F. Hillier of Oakdale, California. Built in 1936 by the Taylor Aircraft Company at Bradford, it is presently registered as a Piper aircraft, as Piper took over the rights for the J-2 with the company name change in November 1937."

Created January 31, 2012