No. 11474. Miller JM-2 (N189BB c/n M-105) "Pushy Galore"
Photographed at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, July 29, 2011, by Ted Black.

Miller JM-2

07/31/2012. The JM-2 original homebuilt aircraft was designed and built by James Miller. It was registered N74M and first flew during 1973, powered by an 100 hp Continental O-200-B engine driving. Originally the aircraft was intended as a 50% scale model for a projected four-seater following a similar overall configuration, and in initial form the aircraft had a shrouded propeller (site files) and a low set tail plane.

In 1975 the aircraft was modified as a Formula One racer with the propeller ring having been removed, it received a more pointed nose, smaller wheel fairings and a much taller T-tail. Listed as Racer number "73" and named Texas Gem, the aircraft remained active for many years.

A second aircraft (pictured above), which was very similar to the first, was built by Miller and Bruce Bohannon. The aircraft was completed in 1989 and was registered N189BB, listed as Racer number "89", and named Pushy Galore. It featured a wider and deeper cockpit to accommodate taller pilots and soon received some modifications and refinements such as a re-contoured nose. During its racing career the aircraft was also flown with small winglets. Bohannon later used the aircraft to establish a new time-to-climb record in July 1994 (FAI Class C-1a).

A third aircraft, designated JM-3 and named Pushy Cat, was built by the designer, it first flew during 1987 registered as N414M. It featured again a very similar overall configuration and it used the engine of the original JM-2 Texas Gem. It differed from the latter in having a slightly narrower and reduced depth fuselage and also had weight reductions, and it had a better performance.

Created July 31, 2012