No. 7851. CASA 2.111B (N99230 c/n 155)
Photographed at Frederick, Maryland, USA, ca. 1992, by Ted Black

CASA 2.111B

05/31/2008. This was one of 200 aircraft built by CASA in the mid-fifties, and equipped with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, they were completed for the Spanish AF in day bomber, reconnaissance bomber, trainer and command transport versions.

The pictured aircraft was delivered to the Spanish AF with s/n B.2I-27. After nearly two decades it made its last service flight on January 21, 1975. Declared surplus on May 16, 1976, it was sold to Howard E. Jenning on June 23, 1976. The following year it left Spain for the UK on September 9, and a month later it flew across the Atlantic, arriving at Harlingen Texas, USA, on October 15, 1977. It was sold to David Tallichet on March 21, 1983, and the last owner became the Cavanaugh Flight Museum on July 18, 1995. It is still registered as such.

Created May 31, 2008