No. 10045. Antonov A-7 Soviet Air Force
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Antonov A-7

09/30/2010. Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov first design was a glider, the Golub (Pigeon) which he built in 1924. Over the years Antonov designed more than 30 gliders, including the famous RF (Rot Front) series. Also designated RF-8 because it was effectively a greatly scaled-up member of the RF family, the
A-7 was the winner of a competition for a military assault glider in December 1940. Of all-wood construction, with a fabric-covered wing (aft of the main spar) and control surfaces, it was remarkably refined.

The wing was set into the top of the streamlined fuselage, the cockpit had a glazed nose cockpit, and the cabin, that could take six soldiers, had two sets of double doors, forward on the left and aft on the right. The main wheels retracted into recesses by handcranks, and the rudder and both elevators had ground-adjustable trim tabs. From May 1941, 400 A-7s were produced, some saw action behind the German lines, towed by Tupolev SB-2s.

Created September 30, 2010