No. 10061. Lambach HL.II (PH-APZ c/n 20001) "Appelzuurtje"
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Lambach HL.II

10/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "After the Lambach HL.I had flown, Ir. Hugo Lambach designed a small single-seat biplane intended for aerobatics. It was the intention that at aerobatic contests held in the Netherlands it could beat the German competition. For construction of this new plane, designated as HL.II, Lambach founded the Lambach Aviation works in January 1937. It was housed in the 'Starlift' elevator factory at Voorburg near the Hague. The HL.II was flown for the first time from Ypenburg airfield on May 4, 1937 by Hein Schmidt-Krans, carrying the civil registration PH-APZ.

The plane demonstrated excellent flying characteristics, but because there was little time to practice for the next aerobatic contest held at Eelde airfield it scored a 3rd place only with German pilots on 1st and 2nd place. Pilot on the HL.II during this event was again Schmidt-Crans. After this contest it was handed over to the national aviation school NLS for training of future aerobatic pilots. However, during the 1938 aerobatic contest the Germans won again very convincingly! Pilot of the HL.II on this occasion was Dick Asjes who finished at the 7th and last place.

Because of the worsening international situation no contest was held in 1939. During the five-days war in May 1940 the HL.II was destroyed at Ypenburg by German bombs. Although Hugo Lambach designed as the HL.III an attractive high-wing twin-engine passenger plane the Lambach factory was soon closed and Hugo Lambach joined the Fokker aircraft works.

To celebrate the 45-years jubilee of the Student Aeronautical Study Association 'Leonardi da Vinci' of the Technical University of Delft, the members decided to build a replica of the Lambach HL.II. To realize the construction the SSVOBB (Stichting Studenten Vliegtuigontwikkeling, -Bouw en -Beheer (Aircraft Development, Construction and Maintenance Students Foundation) was founded in 1990. Thestudents were assisted by the chief constructor of the original 1937 HL.II, Ir. Wim de Koo at the respectable age of 82.

After five years of hard working the HL.II replica (c/n 20002) was finally flown by Charels Bertels on September 18, 1995 at Gilze-Rijen AFB, carrying also the registration of the original, PH-APZ. Unfortunately its CofA was withdrawn after fatigue cracks were found in the wing strut supports. The plane was located at various places over the years, including Gilze-Rijen AFB, the airports Schiphol, Midden-Zeeland and Hoogeveen.

In September 2008 the replica was moved to its present location at the Aviodrome Theme Park Museum, Lelystad Airport. SSVOBB is still active with the Lambach HL.II replica and they hope to solve the technical/structural problems to make the plane airworthy again. Last activities took place on July 6, 2010 when a group of SSVOBB volunteers, headed by Halbe Mulder, started the engine again to do some vibration measurements."

Created October 31, 2010