No. 10258. Fokker F.10A RA-4 (N8841 c/n 1026)
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Fokker F.10A RA-4

12/31/2010. The final USN/USMC involvement with a Fokker was the RA-4, a stock F.10A airliner built by the Fokker Aircraft Corporation of America as used by a number of American airlines in the 1929-1931 period. Previously registered NC38N, the aircraft was reregistered N8841, resembling A-8841, the Navy Bureau Number that had been allotted to the aircraft.

Installation of equipment required to meet military requirements seriously upset the balance and control of the RA-4, and major alterations were made to try to meet performance specifications. These came to naught, and the USN rejected the RA-4, and despite the markings, the aircraft was never on the USN inventory. It was eventually scrapped in 1933.

Created December 31, 2010