No. 10262. Fokker 15 FLB (V113) US Coast Guard "Acrux"
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Fokker 15 FLB

12/31/2010. Based on the earlier F.11A amphibian design, but much larger, five of this type were built for the USCG authorities by General Aviation Corporation. They were twin-engined pusher or tractor types with side-by-side engines, pylon-mounted, above the wing. One version, a pusher, designated FLB (Flying Life Boat), had two 420 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engines. An identical model, illustrated here, was known as the PJ-1, while the sole tractor version was the PJ-2. The PJ types used two 525 hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines. All were fitted with integral beaching gear. The GA.15s were the last of all Fokker types to be built in the USA.

Created December 31, 2010