No. 10501. Sud-Est S.E.2310 (F-WBBK c/n 02)
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Sud-Est S.E.2310

02/28/2011. Designer Pierre Satre and his team at SNCASE (Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Est, commonly known as Sud-Est), at the request of Technical Services of the French AF, started in 1943 a study on a liaison and training aircraft. The result was the S.E.2300, a tandem two-seat tail dragger with fixed main carriage legs, powered by an 140 hp Renault 4Pei Bengali four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine.

The design of was released for production and registered F-WBBD (later
F-BBBD), the S.E.2300 No. 01 made its first flight at Toulouse on October 26, 1945, with Peter Nadot at the controls. The second prototype (c/n 02) was fitted with a fixed tricycle undercarriage, and designated S.E.2310 and registered F-WBBK, it was flown on December 31, 1945.

The third prototype (c/n 03) was similar to the second, but with trousered fixed tricycle undercarriage. Registered F-WBBL it was flown in early 1946 and entered the national contest for a tourist aircraft in February 1946, eventually won by the Nord 1200 Norécrin. Interest in the S.E.2300 series was lost, although the S.E.2311 four-seater was planned. F-WBBL became F-BBBL after certification and was used for a number of years (at least till 1956) as a personal hack by SNCASE test pilot Jacques Lecarme.

Created March 31, 2011