No. 11141. Morane-Saulnier M.S.560 (F-WBBB c/n 01)
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Morane-Saulnier M.S.560

01/31/2012. At the end of WW II, Morane-Saulnier created a family of light single and two-seat low-wing all-metal monoplanes, aimed at the civil club and touring market, most of which failed to progress significantly beyond the prototype stage.

The Morane-Saulnier M.S.560 single-seat aerobatic monoplane had retractable tricycle landing gear, a rearward-sliding cockpit canopy and its powerplant was a 75 hp Train 6D-01 engine. The sole example was first flown on September 1, 1945, registered F-WBBB. Two more similar aircraft were built, the M.S.561, fitted with an 100 hp Mathis G-4Z engine, and the M.S.563, fitted with an 105 hp Walter Minor. The M.S.563 was first flown on April 6, 1949, registered as F-WBGC (later F-BBGC).

On December 19, 1945, a two-seat tourer-trainer development of the M.S.560, the M.S.570, registered as F-WBBC (later F-BBBC). It had a widened forward fuselage, side-by-side seats, foldable wings, and an 140 hp Renault 4Pei engine. The three/four-seat M.S.571 followed on July 18, 1946, powered by the same engine type. The prototype, registered F-WBGB was followed by six more machines. The similar M.S.572 was powered by an 140 hp Potez 4D-01 engine; two were built of which the first flew on May 28, 1947, registered as

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