No. 11514. Henschel Hs 122 V3 (D-UDIZ)
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Henschel Hs 122 V3

08/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Shortly after Henschel was founded in 1933, the design of a multi-purpose aircraft was started. The first prototype Hs 122 V1 appeared during the summer of 1935, and was fitted with a 660 hp Siemens SAM 22B air-cooled radial and a tree-bladed propeller with variable pitch. The second prototype Hs 122 V2 was powered by a 700 hp Rolls-Royce Kestrel IIS liquid-cooled engine, and later went to Rechlin for testing, registered as D-UBYN. This aircraft was also used as a demonstrator to foreign costumers.

Later on more prototypes were produced, all fitted with the SAM 22B radial. The Hs 122 V3, D-UDIZ, fitted with a Heine-Schwarz two-blade fixed pitch propeller on the SAM 22B, Iscania instruments, and with full military equipment, was the prototype of the small batch of seven Hs 122 A-0 pre-production aircraft.

The Hs 122 B-series would be equipped with other engines (Jumo 210, DB 600, and BMW 132), for which the prototypes Hs 122 V4 (D-UBAV and Hs 122 V5 (D-UQEY) would be the test-beds/demonstrators, however, the Hs 122 B-series never materialized. The prototypes were all flown to Rechlin, and subsequently transferred to the Luftwaffe as trainers. The same happened to the remaining Hs 122s, including Hs 122 V6 (D-IUGY), the armed reconnaissance prototype which had a camera and a flexible 0.311 in (7.9 mm) MG-15 machinegun fitted in the observer/gunner position."

Created August 31, 2012