No. 11718. Dayton-Wright WA (A-6082) US Navy
Photographed January 1923, source unknown

Dayton-Wright WA

12/31/2012. One WA two-seat 'shipboard' seaplane was built for the USN (BuNo. A-6082). It had a span of 40 ft 9 in (12.42 m), a length of 34 ft 4.5 in (10.48 m) and a height of 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m). It was fitted with a large float underneath the fuselage and a smaller float beneath each wing, and powered by a 200 hp Wright E-4, it had a maximum speed of 110 mls (177 kmh). It was struck off charge on April 7, 1925.

Another similar aircraft, designated WS, was also completed (BuNo. A-6083), this was struck off charge on November 3, 1923. One WD (BuNo. A-6084) was cancelled and the BuNo. A-6085 to A-6102, reserved for WA, WD, WS series aircraft, were not taken up.

Created December 31, 2012