No. 12362. Caudron C.510 Pélican (F-ANCI c/n 6959.1)
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Caudron C.510 Pélican

06/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Designed by Paul Delville, the C.510 Pélican four-seat tourer and ambulance aircraft was an extrapolation of the C.282/8 Phalène. It had slightly larger over-all dimensions, although the wing area was some 6% smaller, while the 120 hp Renault 4Pdi was replaced by an 140 hp 4Pei engine. The pictured prototype was built using for economical reasons the vertical tail section of a C.282/8, hence the word Phalène (Moth) is vaguely visible.

The prototype was first flown in September 1934 and was registered F-ANCI on November 10, 1934. Subsequently the vertical tail was replaced by a larger, more efficient version, which became standard on all 62 produced C.510s.

Created April 30, 2014