No. 12372. Farman F.430 (F-ANBY c/n 7438.1) "Gipsy"
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Farman F.430

04/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This French cantilever light transport of wooden construction seated a pilot and five passengers. Fitted with two 135 hp Gipsy Major I four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engines, the sole F.430 first flew in June 1934, and was registered to Farman at Billancourt as F-ANBY on August 7, 1934. Subsequent owner was Remy Clement of Paris, who sold it to the Societe Francaise des Transports Aeriens (SFTA) in August 1936. The SFTA bought aircraft for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, and the F.430 was active till the end of that war."

Created April 30, 2014