No. 12734. Heinkel H.E.5b (D-938 c/n 248)
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Heinkel H.E.5b

02/28/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This multi-purpose aircraft was built for the training of naval pilots, first flown in 1925 it was developed over four years to even higher levels of performance. Flown by Wolfgang von Gronau, the first H.E.5a, registered D-937 (c/n 247) and powered by a 450 hp Napier Lion engine, won the 1926 seaplane competition at Warnemünde (July 11 to 27). In addition, the H.E.5a set two height world records for seaplanes in the C-class. One more H.E.5a was built, D-1362 (c/n 299).

The H.E.5b D-938, powered by a 420 hp Gnome-Rhone Jupiter, was the second H.E.5 entered by Heinkel in the 1926 seaplane competition. Flown by von Dewitz, the aircraft was in the lead position for several days, but was damaged by high waves. The H.E.5b was license built in Sweden by Svenska Aero for the Swedish Navy, powerplant was the Bristol Jupiter.
Heinkel built a single example of the H.E.5c (c/n 300, registered D-1386, later D-OXAX), this was powered by a 600 hp BMW IVa engine.
Powered by a 650 hp BMW VI 5,5 Z engine were three examples of the H.E.5e: c/n 290 (D-1336, later D-OKUT), c/n 298 (D-1341) and c/n 301 (D-1404).
Furthermore, Focke-Wulf built four H.E.5s, which were referred to as H.E.5f: c/n 116 to 119, registered D-2221 (later D-OLUQ), D-2231 (later D-OMIP), D-2234, D-2236 (D-ODIX)."

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