No. 12884. Focke-Wulf A-33 Sperber (D-1851 c/n 91)
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Focke-Wulf A-33 Sperber

12/15/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Focke-Wulf A 33 Sperber (Sparrowhawk) was a light airliner and taxi aircraft built early in 1930. It was a shoulder-wing monoplane powered by a single Walter Mars nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine which developed 145 hp for takeoff.

The fuselage of the A 33 was a welded steel tube structure with plywood covering around the cabin and fabric aft. The pilot sat above and behind the engine, and a small cabin was provided for three passengers. The wing, which was of typical Focke-Wulf planform, was built entirely of wood. The fixed undercarriage was braced to the underside of the wing and the lower longerons and a small tailskid was provided beneath the rear fuselage.

As far as is known, only three were sold. These were the prototype (pictured above), which was bought by Norddeutsche Luftverkehr AG of Bremen, D-1931 (c/n 97) delivered to Luftverkehrsgesellschaft Wilhelmshaven-Rüstringen and D-2153 (c/n 115) sold to a private owner. The second aircraft, (w/nr 97), was later transferred to Lufthansa as D-ONUT.

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