No. 13216. SIA 1200
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SIA 1200

08/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "After Italy became involved in WW I (May 23, 1915), Fiat activated at Turin an Aviation Section to start aircraft production. First Farman MF.11 biplanes were constructed under license, followed by 700 SP2 and SP3 biplanes designed by Umberto Savoia” and Ottorino Pomilio of the Technical Directorate of Military Aviation of the Aeronautical Corps (independent air arm of the Italian armed forces). In 1916, on account of the success obtained with this production, Fiat enlarged its Aviation Section, which was renamed Società Italiana Aviazione (SIA) in June 1916. The MF.11s still being built were designated SIA 5 B.

In 1918 SIA was renamed Fiat Aviazione, which was commented in the 1919 issue of Jane's All the World's Aircraft as follows:

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