No. 13220. Post A (NC13958 c/n 11)
Photograph from Polygoon, taken at Waalhaven Airport, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, June 1935

Post A

08/31/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Wiley Post, well-known for his record and global flights with the Winnie Mae in the early 1930s, entered the field of aircraft production when he took over the Straughan Model A.

Reportedly the Straughan Model A was first developed as the Holmes Parasol monoplane at the factory of Clyde Cessna at Wichita, Kansas, USA by Ross Holmes and Glenn Stearman. Subsequently Frank Straughan became involved and the type was developed into an open biplane, powered by the 40 hp Straughan A-L1000, a converted Ford A engine. A prototype Straughan A, registered X12561, first flew in 1930, followed by two production aircraft in 1931-32, registered 11919 and 11928. Frank Straughan formed the Straughan Aircraft Corporation at Wichita in 1932 and subsequently a Type Certificate for the Straughan A was received in 1934.

The same year Wiley Post took over the type and production was transferred to the Wiley Post Aircraft Corporation at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Redesignated Post A, another twelve were built:

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