No. 4220. FFVS J 22B (22280 c/n 22-280) Swedish Air Force
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05/22/2005. Remarks by Nico Braas: "Fitted with a SFA STWC3-G (a copied Pratt and Whitney Twin-Wasp SC3-G aircooled radial engine) the J 22 was a wartime Swedish design for a fighter constructed from available non-strategical materials like steel and wood.

Two prototypes and a mock-up were built at the FFA (Flygtekniska Försöksanstalten, Aeronautical Research Institute) at Ulvsunda. Flown by Major O. Enderlein, the prototype first flew on September 20, 1942, 6 months after the first batch of 60 was ordered off the drawing board, on March 21, 1942.

The Kungliga Flygförvaltningens Flygverkstad i Stockholm (Royal Air Administration Aircraft Factory in Stockholm, FFVS) was specially formed to assemble the aircraft (designed by Bo Lundberg), about 500 subcontractors delivering the components.

A total of 198 production aircraft was built in two different armed versions. These were the J 22A fitted with two 0.31 in (7.9 mm) M/22F and two 0.52 in (13.2 mm) machine guns and the J 22B fitted with four 0.52 in (13.2 mm) machine guns. The first production was delivered on November 23, 1943 the last on April 6, 1946.

The plane on the picture is in the markings of the 1st Division of F 3, and is one of the three J 22's still existing. It is now part of the Flygvapenmuseum at Linköping."

Created May 22, 2005