No. 4574. Fauvel AV-36C (D-1156 c/n 37)
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Fauvel AV-36C

03/31/2012. The Frenchman Charles Fauvel created the AV-36 (AV = aile volante, flying wing) in 1951 and the first flight was made on December 31. After a CofA was obtained, about 50 were constructed by Wassmer at Issoire for assembly by aeroclubs and about 100 were constructed by amateurs from plans in Europe and the Americas. The improved AV-361, first flown in 1960, had an wing span increase from 39 ft 2.5 in (11.95 m) to 41 ft 11.1 in (12.78 m) and many aerodynamic refinements.

Created September 30, 2005