No. 5689. Entwicklungsring Süd VJ 101C
Photographed at Manching, Bayern, Germany, 1963, source unknown

Entwicklungsring Süd VJ 101C

First prototype pictured during the initial hovering trails period, when it was not wearing the D-9517 registration yet; that was applied when the aircraft was crossing the airfield boundaries in horizontal flight. First free hover was made by the american test pilot George Bright on April 10; first horizontal flight on August 31 and first transition on September 20, 1963. The first of several supersonic flight was made on July 29, 1964; the aircraft crashed on September 4, 1964.

Entwicklungsring Süd (also known as EWR-Süd) was a consortium of Messerschmitt, Heinkel and Bölkow.

Created September 15, 2006