No. 6413. Payen Pa 22 V5 ("BI+XB") Luftwaffe
Source unknown

Payen Pa 22 V5

04/30/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The prolific designer Nicolas Roland Payen, started this type as the Pa 22/1R, a tandem-wing aircraft powered by a ramjet. When the ramjet, being developed by H.F. Malot, failed in tests, Payen redesigned the aircraft around the 180 hp Regnier 6B-01 six-cylinder, air-cooled inverted in-line engine and it was redesignated Pa.22/2 "Flechair" (Arrow).

While being tested in the wind tunnel at Chalais-Meudon (Paris) the Germans invaded France; under German control the wind tunnel tests were finished. Redesignated Pa 22 V5, repainted in German colors and coded BI+XB, the aircraft was first flown by Payen's pilot, Jacques Charpantier, at Villacoublay at October 18, 1941. The aircraft was transferred to Payen's works at Juvisy where it was destroyed in an Allied raid in 1944."

Created April 30, 2007