No. 7886. Boisavia B.603 Mercurey (F-BRFJ c/n 01)
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Boisavia B.603 Mercurey

12/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1946, Lucien Tieles built the prototype of a three-seat high wing monoplane - the B.50 Muscadet. This aircraft, powered by an 100 hp Renault engine, was then redesigned with a higher rear fuselage decking to provide full four-seat capacity. Fitted with a 140 hp Renault 4 Pei engine, and designated B.60 Mercurey, the first aircraft made its maiden flight in April, 1949 and Tieles established the Société Boisavia to build the aircraft commercially.

Whilst the prototype Mercurey had used a Renault engine, most production units were the B.601L with an 190 hp Lycoming flat four engine. With the same airframe the company was able to produce small numbers of other versions with different engines and Mercurey production continued until the middle of 1962 with virtually all sales being made in France or its overseas territories. serial numbers ran from c/n 1 to 5, 18 to 29, 51 to 55 and 100 to 116. In addition, the various prototypes had unique serial numbers. The following Mercurey models were built (numbers in brackets):

B.60 Mercurey. Four-seat development of B.50, wider rear cabin and built up rear fuselage decking. Prototype F-WFDV c/n 01, first flown April 3, 1949. (3)
B.601 Mercurey. B.60 with 190 hp Lycoming O-435-A engine (3).
B.601L Mercurey. B.60 with 190 hp Lycoming O-360-C engine (27).
B.602 Mercurey. B.60 with 165 hp Continental E-165-4 engine (2).
B.603R-II Mercurey Special. B.60 with 240 hp Argus AS.10-C3B engine (5).
B.604 Mercurey II. B.60 with lengthened fuselage for glider towing, powered by 230 hp Salmson 9ABC engine. F-WGVE c/n 02. First flown January 6, 1954 (1).
B.605 Mercurey. B.60 with 170 hp Regnier 4L-02 engine. Prototype F-WFRJ c/n 01 (4).
B.606 Mercurey. B.60 with Regnier 4L-O0 engine. (1)."

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