No. 7897. Škoda-Kauba Sk 257 V2
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Škoda-Kauba Sk 257 V2

05/31/2008. Škoda-Kauba Flugzeugbau was founded under auspices of the RLM at the suburb Cakowitz of Prague, Czechoslovakia, in the Spring of 1942. Director and chief designer was Ing. Otto Kuba, an Austrian engineer from Vienna. The main objective was to design a pilot-less flying bomb, the prototypes would be constructed at the nearby Avia works, a part of the Škoda Werke Trust of Pilsen.

Kauba designed also an extremely clean single-seat fighter trainer, the Sk V4, powered by a 240 hp Argus As 10C-3 eight-cylinder air-cooled inverted V-engine. Impressed by its performance the RLM ordered four prototypes of a more powerful version that was designated Sk 257.

Powered by a 485 hp Argus As 410 twelve-cylinder air-cooled inverted V-engine, the type first flew in 1943.

Created May 31, 2008