No. 8300. Caspar U 1
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Caspar U 1

10/31/2008. The Caspar Werke AG (formed by Carl Caspar in the former Fokker factory at Travemünde in 1921) built the first military aircraft in Germany after WW I.

Designed by Ernst Heinkel, the experimental U 1 single-seat reconnaissance floatplane was envisaged to be based on submarines. The unarmed wooden aircraft was powered by a 50 hp Siemens & Halske Sh 4 five-cylinder, air-cooled, radial engine. It could be disassembled (wings, floats, propeller) in a few minutes and stowed in a deck-mounted container.

Two aircraft were ordered by the US Navy for testing and serialed A6434 and A6435 they were delivered to NAS Anacostia, Washington, D.C. in late 1922. A6434 was to be shown in a parade in July 1923, mounted on a truck, it contacted low-hanging trees and was damaged beyond repair; the second aircraft completed the tests late 1923.

A third aircraft, registered D-293 (c/n 510) was delivered to the Reichsmarine. Two more aircraft were produced, designated U 2, these were delivered to Japan, where they were copied into the Yokosho Navy Type 1.

Created October 31, 2008