No. 8309. Holste M.H.153 (F-WGGC c/n 01)
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Holste M.H.153

11/30/2008. Originally produced as the sole 240 hp Salmson Argus 8 powered M.H.152, the aircraft was first flown by Pierre Henry from Reims-Prunay on June 12, 1951. The type was developed into the M.H.1521 Broussard.

After it received its CofA, F-WGGC was reregistered F-BGGC and used for development testing, being fitted in 1959 with a 950 shp Turboméca Astazou gas turbine. Redesignated M.H.153 it was first flown by Jacques Lecarme on April 23, 1959.

Created November 30, 2008