No. 8312. PZL Bielsco SZD-51-1 Junior (PH-1006 c/n B-2129)
Photographed at Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands, by Nico Braas

PZL Bielsco SZD-51-1 Junior

11/30/2008. Remarks by Nico Braas: "The Junior is my favorite plane and
PH-1006 is owned by our gliding club ZC Flevo at Biddinghuizen since February 1994. The Junior is a typical club glider with its glide ratio of 1:35. It is not intended for competition work, but it is typically used as the first single-seat type for solo-pilots and for local (fun) flying.

I can assure you it is a nice plane to fly with its very docile flight characteristics. I believe 'Polish glider' is a typical US expression for a bad plane, but this is totally undeserved for the Junior! I have made hundreds of starts with this type and have spent many very pleasant hours flying it."

Created November 30, 2008