No. 8941. Helio H-500 Twin Courier (N8745R c/n 2)
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Helio H-500 Twin Courier

05/31/2009. In early 1958, Helio announced a development of the Courier, powered by two 250 hp Lycoming O-540-A2B engines fitted on the wings, and a retractable nose-wheel. However, when construction of the prototype started in October 1958, it was decided to use the 'standard' fixed tail wheel. The fuselages were produced by ALAR-Empresa Iberica of Lisbon, Portugal. The prototype N92860 made its first flight in April 1960, gaining the FAA Type Certificate on June 11, 1963.

Reportedly only seven aircraft were produced, two received the USAF designation U-5A, s/n 59-5955 and 59-5956, while another three became U-5Bs, s/n 63-8072 to 63-8074. All seven received an FAA registration, before ending up with the CIA in Indochina, eventually listed on the Indian Department of Civil Aviation Registry (in brackets the month/year of registration in India):

Created May 31, 2009