No. 9314. Avro 683 Lancaster B.Mk.I (FE) (TW911) Royal AIr Force
Photograph from Armstrong Siddeley

Avro 683 Lancaster B.Mk.I (FE)

10/31/2009. The last of the ninth production batch of 50 aircraft (TW858 to TW873, TW878 to TW911) built by Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd., Whitley, Coventry, UK, between July 1945 and March 1946), this aircraft was converted by Armstrong Siddely Motors Ltd. for use as a flying test bed for the Armstrong Siddeley Python turboprop, having the two outboard Merlins replaced by Pythons.

Later Avro 694 Lincolns RE339 and RF403, were used in the same manner. The Pythons main use was in the Westland Wyvern naval carrier-based heavy fighter. TW911 was eventually scrapped.

Created October 31, 2009