No. 9316. Albatros L-73b (D-961 c/n 10077) Luft Hansa "Brandenburg"
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Albatros L-73b

10/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Two Albatros L-73b aircraft were built in 1926. Flown by a crew of two, the eight passengers were seated in reclining chairs, for night flights four sleeping berths could be installed. Initially powered by two Junkers L 5 six-cylinder water-cooled in-line engine, in April 1928 BMW Va twelve-cylinder water-cooled V-engines were installed, the type being redesignated L-73c.

The first aircraft, c/n 10076 was registered D-960 and was named Preussen by Luft Hansa, the aircraft was withdrawn from use in 1932. The pictured second aircraft crashed at Babekuhl, Germany on May 28, 1928.

Reportedly two more aircraft (c/n 10118, 10119) were produced for Luft Hansa in 1930, being passed on to Bulgaria in 1931."

Created October 31, 2009