No. 9441. Beriev Be-10 ("41") "Mallow" Soviet Navy
Photographed at Tushino, Moscow, Russia, August 1961, source unknown

Beriev Be-10

11/30/2009. The Be-10 was a twin-jet high gull-wing all-metal monoplane flying boat of construction, and the only aircraft of its class ever to go into operational service. It was built to a 1953 requirement that called for a water-based multirole aircraft, including maritime reconnaissance and anti-ship torpedo attack. Powered by two 23,590 lb (10,700 kg) s.t Lyul'ka AL-7PB turbojets, the prototype was first flown July 20, 1956 by V. Kuryachi. The
Be-10 was given the NATO code name Mallow.

The deep streamlined hull, surmounted by the pilot's blister canopy, had a single step and the long narrow planing bottom extended to the tail. The extreme tip of the bulbous nose was glazed, here the navigator was seated. Defensive armament consisted of two NR-23 0.9 in (23 mm) cannon in a tail barbette beneath the radio-operator/gunner's glazed position. All three crew were seated on ejection seats. In the weapons bay immediately after the bottom step four 1,695 lb (769 kg) torpedoes could be carried or up 7,275 lb (3,300 kg) bombs, mines or depth charges.

Four aircraft, reported to the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) as Beriev M-10, established twelve world records:

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