No. 9447. Bisnovat SK-2
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Bisnovat SK-2

11/30/2009. A direct result of high-speed wing research conducted at the TsAGI (Central Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics Institute) by a team headed by Matus Bisnovat, the SK-2 single-seat fighter was evolved from the SK-1.

The SK-2, flown in October 1940, had a similar small-area wing and 1,050 hp Klimov M-105 twelve-cylinder liquid-cooled V-engine, but an orthodox cockpit, conventional carburetor and oil cooler air intakes, revised vertical tail surfaces and an armament of one 0.303 in (7.62 mm) and two 0.5 in (12.7 mm) machineguns.

The SK-2 was of all-metal construction with dural pressed sheet stressed wing skinning and a semi-monocoque fuselage. Flight test results were allegedly promising, but not sufficiently so to warrant displacing established fighter types in production.

Created November 30, 2009