No. 9514. Heinkel H.E.1 (D-939 c/n 207)
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Heinkel H.E.1

02/28/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Chief constructor Ernst Heinkel of the Caspar Werke of Travemünde, Germany, designed a two-seat multi-purpose fighter for the Swedish navy. The unarmed prototype, fitted with a 360 hp Rolls-Royce Eagle, was built in Germany. The fuselage was developed from the Hansa-Brandenburg W 37. Designated by Caspar as S.I and registered D-292, it was first flown in 1922. In Sweden it received the designation Type 31, but was sold to Norway in 1923, where it came on the civil registry as N-23 owned by L. Lier of Oslo. It crashed on August 15, 1924.

Caspar produced parts for another five aircraft that were assembled in Sweden by the newly formed Svenska Aero at Hästholmen in Lidingö. These were fitted with 240 hp Armstrong Siddeley engines, and a fixed machinegun and a double machinegun on a flexible mount. These were designated Type 32. Caspar produced another two unarmed S.Is for the Reichsmarine (German Navy), although they received civil registrations, D-450 and D-830.

At his own works Heinkel produced another ten aircraft, all fitted with a 360 hp Rolls-Royce Eagle IX engine, and differing from the previous aircraft only in detail. They received the registrations D-938, D-939, D-945, D-1045 to D-1047, D-1134, D-1199, D-1282 and D-1474. Of those D-1045 and D-1047 were only withdrawn from use in October 1933.

Created February 28, 2010