No. 10953. Sepecat Jaguar E (c/n E-01, E-02)
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Sepecat Jaguar E

11/30/2011. First picture of the Anglo-French Jaguar, taken at Breguet's Villacoublay, France factory, shortly before the signing of the production agreement on January 9, 1968. The agreement covered the production of 400 examples of the Anglo-French Jaguar strike/trainer aircraft, equally being shared between Breguet (later Dassault Breguet), France and British Aircraft Corporation (later British Aerospace) of the UK, coordinated by Sepecat (Société Européenne de Production de l'avion Ecole de Combat et d'Appui tactique).

The Sepecat Jaguar was born out of Britain's need for an advanced supersonic jet trainer to replace the Hawker Hunter and from France's requirement for a dual role trainer/attack aircraft. Pictured are the two Jaguar E two-seat trainer prototypes for the French AF. Piloted by Breguet's chief test pilot, Bernard Witt, Jaguar E-01 had its 24-minutes maiden flight from Istres on September 8, 1968. Aircraft E-02 first flew five months later, February 11, 1969, Pilot on this maiden flight was again Bernard Witt.

Created November 30, 2011