No. 10638. Vultee 54A BT-13 Valiant (N55325)
Photographed at Selma, Alabama, USA, ca. 1951, by Pierre Bregerie

Vultee 54A BT-13 Valiant

05/31/2011. Remarks by Pierre Bregerie: "While I received my advanced training at Craig AFB in the TP-51D, I visited the small airfield of Selma, where this awkward sesquiplane conversion of the BT-13 was parked. Iím the man in the black suit looking at the BT-13 designation on the rear fuselage. The text on the fuselage side reads 'DUSPRAY SEEDER'."

(Anyone with information on this particular aircraft, please contact Johan Visschedijk.)

Created May 31, 2011