No. 9410. Potez 28 M
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Potez 28 M

11/30/2009. Derived from the Potez 25 biplane, and powered by a 500 hp Farman 18 We engine, this aircraft was built with the intention to fly it around the world in 1927, from Paris to Dakar, Buenos Aires, Panama, New York, and thence to Paris. As this flight did not materialize it was used by Lionel de Marmier, Chief Test Pilot of Potez, to establish several speed and distance records in 1927.

Another attempt by de Marmier and Louis Favreau, flying a distance record in straight line to Siberia on September 13, 1927, ended in a crash during takeoff, the aircraft was destroyed, the crew escaped serious injuries.

Created November 30, 2009