No. 9605. Breguet Bre 14 Tbis (1993) French Air Force
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Breguet Bre 14 Tbis

01/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Developed from the WW I Bre 14 bomber, the Bre 14 T was a transport version with a cabin with seats for two passengers. The cabin was in line with the wings; the pilot sat above and behind, and the fuel load was carried in streamline tanks slung under the upper wing. The Bre 14 T was used with considerable success by the Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes.

A similar passenger conversion of the Bre 16Bn2 was built for the C.M.A. as the Bre 18T, but this seems to have been discarded in favour of the Bre 14 T2, a further development with seats for three passengers.

Further modifications to the Bre 14 T produced the Bre 14 Tbis of 1921, distinguished by its revised cabin window arrangements. A floatplane version existed, and the 14 Tbis provided the basis of the ultimate ambulance version (pictured above) which served in Africa, Madagascar and Indo-China.

In 1920 Louis Breguet had founded La Compagnie des Transports Aériens Guyanais to provide aerial transport in French Guiana, and the company's fleet ultimate1y included several Bre 14 Tbis seaplanes. The Swedish Red Cross operated two Bre 14 Tbis with interchangeable wheel, float and ski undercarriages."

Created January 31, 2010