No. 9610. Esnault-Pelterie R.E.P. Parasol
Source unknown

Esnault-Pelterie R.E.P. Parasol

01/31/2010. Remarks by Kees Kort: "This design by Robert Esnault Pelterie (R.E.P.) is usually described as "Monoplan R.E.P. à ailes surélevées" (literally monoplane R.E.P. with elevated wings), also as the "R.E.P. Vision Totale" (R.E.P. Total Vision). The aircraft was powered by an 80 hp Le Rhône rotary engine, had a span of 36 ft 1.1 in (11 m), a length of 22 ft 11.6 in (7 m) and a wing area of 236.81 sq.ft (22 sq.m)."

Created January 31, 2010