No. 2161. Piasecki 42 H-21B Workhorse (53-4393 c/n B.143) US Air Force
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Piasecki 42 H-21B Workhorse

Remarks by Jim Brink: "This is one of the three modified H-21's in my squadron in 1956 at Yuma, Arizona, USA. These were specially modified to retrieve the Ryan Firebee Q2 drone. This is an actual pick-up in the desert some 30 miles from a paved road. When something happened to cause the parachute to deploy unexpectedly we would use the H-21 for retrieval. If we could bring it back to our preferred landing area, it would be close enough for specially equipped trucks to go and bring it back. The system worked pretty darn good and the crews enjoyed the experience."

Created February 11, 2002