No. 2274. Curtiss-Wright CW-16E Light Sport (N12380 c/n 3520)
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Curtiss-Wright CW-16E Light Sport

12/15/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The CW-16 was essentially a three-seat version of the CW -12 series developed by Ted Wells and Herb Rawdon, but its greater utility could not overcome the depressed market. CW-16K. Under the ATC 411 (issued April 1931), eleven aircraft of this model were built, these were powered with the 125 hp Kinner B-5 engine. CW-16W. A single aircraft, fitted with an 110 hp Warner Scarab engine, was built under ATC 429 (issued June 1931). CW-16E. The highest-powered and final model of the CW-16 series, this was powered by an 165 hp Wright R-540E (J-6-5) engine. Ten were built under the ATC 463 (issued February 1932). The following data relate to this model.

Created March 8, 2003