No. 7943. New Standard D-29 (NX9195 c/n 1001)
Photograped at New Standard Aircraft Corporation, Paterson, New Jersey, USA, source unknown

New Standard D-29

05/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Charles Descomb is shown second from the left. The aircraft was later converted to a D-29A when the 85 hp Cirrus III four-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line engine was replaced by a 100 hp Kinner K-5 five-cylinder air-cooled radial engine.

This factory floor photo was taken ca. 1930, as the D-25 NC9193 was sold in the same year to Roosevelt Flying Service, Mineola, Long Island, New York. Roosevelt sold it to Alaskan Airways, at Fairbanks, Alaska, in 1932.

Note the various stages of assembly of the airframes: bare frame with fire wall, frames with engine mount, frame with engine. Also a number of wings are in various stages of assembly. The two painted wings in front and center are upper wings for a D-27 mailplane, as they have a provision for landing lights in the leading edge."

Created June 30, 2008