No. 6651. Smith DSA-1 Miniplane (N671EC c/n 1971)
Photographed in 1971

Smith DSA-1 Miniplane

07/21/2007. Remarks by Elmer Carlson: "This is the plane I built back in 1971. I started it in 1965 in St. Maries, Idaho and finished it in 1971. I converted a ground power unit for the engine, a 125 hp Lycoming O-290 engine.

The photo was taken shortly after I made the first flight. Dale Mumford, the FAA representative who inspected the aircraft, allowed me to put the registration number on with 2 in (5 cm) letters. He said it qualified as an exhibition airplane. After I sold it in June 1973, the new owner had to use the larger numbers as shown on page 942.

Here is the story about my first flight in N671EC."

Created July 21, 2007