No. 10564. Aeronca 7BCM L-16A Grasshopper (N6081V)
Photographed at Smartt Field, St. Charles, Missouri, USA, February 1963, by Bob Cieslak

Aeronca 7BCM L-16A Grasshopper

04/30/2011. Remarks by Bob Cieslak: "This Aeronca L-16A was assigned to our Civil Air Patrol squadron. This photo was taken during a Cadet Orientation Day, and all the cadets in our squadron were given a 15 minute airplane ride. For most this was the first airplane ride. This was my favorite airplane - it was a dream to fly. Once the mains hit the ground with that long telescoping gear, it stayed on the ground. No bouncy-wouncy like a Cub!"

Created April 30, 2011