No. 6221. Consolidated 32 B-24D Liberator (40-2349) US Army Air Forces
                 Taylorcraft DC-65 L-2 Grasshopper
Photographed ca. 1942-43

Consolidated 32 B-24D & Taylorcraft DC-65 L-2

03/31/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "According to official USAF records, the initial B-24A order called for 38 aircraft with s/n 40-2349 to 40-2386 but only nine were completed as B-24As and the other 29 were completed as
B-24Cs and B-24Ds, 40-2349 was delivered in January 1942 as a B-24D-CO. It is wearing the national insignia in use between May 15, 1942 and June 28, 1943.

The L-2 was originally known as the YO-57, and tested in 1941 along with the Aeronca YO-58, and the Piper YO-59. All three types were ordered, and all were known as 'Grasshoppers'. A total of 2,348 D models were built, of which 2,119 went to the USAAF."

Created March 15, 2007