No. 1587. Waco AVN-8 (NC17 n/c 5115) Bureau of Air Commerce
Photograph from Waco, taken at Troy, Ohio, USA, 1938

Waco AVN-8

06/30/2017. Remarks by Jack Fisher: "Built in 1938, this Model N has a tricycle landing gear which results in exceptional clear vision while landing. This aircraft is a five-seat cabin plane and has a wing span of 34 ft 9 in (10.59 m), a length of 27 ft 7 in (8.41 m), and a height of 8 ft 7 in (2.62 m). Powered by a 300 hp Jacobs L5 engine it has a maximum speed of 161 mph (259 kmh) and a cruising speed of 151 mph (243 kmh). This aircraft was operated by the Bureau of Air Commerce that became the Civil Aeronautics Authority (CAA).

Created June 13, 2002