No. 3132. Pazmany PL-1 Laminar (N4081K c/n 2)
Photographed at Fullerton, California, USA, 2003, by Ed Coates

Pazmany PL-1 Laminar

10/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "While working as an advanced design and research engineer with the Ryan company in his hometown San Diego, California, USA, Ladislao Pazmany designed the two-seat Laminar in his spare time, in association with Carlos Garrocq (stress engineer with Pazmany’s former employer Convair), and Karl Sanders (aerodynamicist at Ryan).

Built by John Green of Monterey Park and Keith Fowler of Maywood, N4081K was the first Laminar to fly, when Al Trefethen took it to the air at Orange County Airport on March 23, 1962.

N4081K was sold several times, and according the NTSB report LAX91LA269 it sustained severe damage when it crash-landed in Wrightwood, California, seriously injuring the pilot. Reportedly the aircraft was rebuilt by David A. Call of Sparks, Nevada, who registered it as a Call Paragren II on April 10, 1994."

Created December 17, 2003